Thinking Fellows

The Thinking Fellows Podcast is a group of professors and theologians who gather each week to discuss doctrines and deep things of Christian life. 

It was a thrill working with such well know thinkers. I enjoyed getting to know them better and loved dreaming up this concept with them. Learn more about the show and subscribe to thier podcast here at

Chad Bird

A few weeks ago I did a portrait session with Chad Bird. We did this for the launch of his new site, which you can check out here - .  Chad is a theologian and his love for people runs deep. His writing lets people know that while we are not perfect, we are all loved. He's become a good friend and I'm excited to see how he continues to use his talents. 

Johnny Stimson


Johnny is both an insanely talented musician and great friend, I've had the opportunity to create images for Johnny both in studio for a while now and during a trip to Brooklyn. The cover of his breakout single, So. Good, was captured in the WELD Dallas studio.