Thinking Fellows

The Thinking Fellows Podcast is a group of professors and theologians who gather each week to discuss doctrines and deep things of Christian life. 

It was a thrill working with such well know thinkers. I enjoyed getting to know them better and loved dreaming up this concept with them. Learn more about the show and subscribe to thier podcast here at

Apple World Gallery

After Apple launched their newly designed iPhone6 they reached out to photographers around the world to showcase photos they had taken on that iPhone. I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of those people. This shot of Kelsi here was posted on billboards around the world. Here are the images I collected from friends and family.

The Pastranas


In the following story, we’re going to tell you Kate and Julian Pastrana are stylish, thoughtful and truly genuine people. You will read about their passion for woodworking, their love of community and their search for life-giving meaning. We will tell you these things about the Pastranas because they are true and inspiring. Coincidentally, we have noticed much about the Pastranas falls into many popular trends in this day and age, for it’s no secret the current Zeitgeist relies heavily on the adjectives “craftsmanship”, “handmade”, and “American-made”.

Story By: Kelsi Klembara 
Full Story: Glass Optical

Bell & Oak


Clint Wilkinson is a man with enough talent to appear intimidating yet friendly enough to be your best friend. The thoughtful owner of the custom (and highly regarded) leather company, Bell and Oak, understands a thing or two about slowing down and finishing the task at hand. So when you’re ready, we recommend you silence your phone, turn off your laptop, and sit in a peaceful corner in order to fully enjoy his words of wisdom below.

Story By: Kelsi Klembara 
Full Story: Glass Optical