Apple World Gallery

After Apple launched their newly designed iPhone6 they reached out to photographers around the world to showcase photos they had taken on that iPhone. I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of those people. This shot of Kelsi here was posted on billboards around the world. Here are the images I collected from friends and family.

The Apple Book

The Apple World Gallery Book

Earlier today, I received this book in the mail from Apple. I love the beauty that's captured in these pages. I’m so thrilled to be apart of the Apple World Gallery. It’s provided me with the opportunity to meet photographers from all over the world and view work that is both similar and different from my own. 

This book will be with me the rest of my life. It's something I really look forward to sharing with my kids someday and I don't think I can thank the folks at Apple enough for bringing this unbelievably beautiful collection of work together. They’ve not only done something completely new and different in the marketing world, but they’ve successfully showcased an amazing gallery worldwide in spaces that otherwise might not seem that beautiful.

From the written words in the forward to the striking images throughout its pages, this book leaves me encouraged. I cannot help but think of how beautiful 2016 is going to be. Thank you Apple. 


Instax in Rwanda

We Took an Instax Camera to Rwanda

In the humanitarian visual storytelling world, capturing a photo can be tough thing to do correctly. You have to be thoughtful, emotionally responsible and ultimately have a proper view of yourself as well as the people you are with. I've learned that people must always take priority over an image. Some great photographers that do this well include my friends Austin, Esther and Paul. They've taught me that giving something back in return for an image you may take can mean a lot to an individual as well as set the precedent for your priorities as a photographer.

Following their example, I've started handing instax images to people I meet in the field. Its been amazing to see these new friends see themselves in a printed image they get to keep. This year, we also worked these instax images into the 10Days Campaign for Living Water. We had each person I photographed write "Hello Neighbor" in either English, French or Kinyarwandan on an instax photo we kept, and then also gave them another copy to keep. Today is the last day of this year's 10Days Campaign! To learn more about many of the people below and for more info on providing clean water in Rwanda, visit 10Days campaign

Bell & Oak


Clint Wilkinson is a man with enough talent to appear intimidating yet friendly enough to be your best friend. The thoughtful owner of the custom (and highly regarded) leather company, Bell and Oak, understands a thing or two about slowing down and finishing the task at hand. So when you’re ready, we recommend you silence your phone, turn off your laptop, and sit in a peaceful corner in order to fully enjoy his words of wisdom below.

Story By: Kelsi Klembara 
Full Story: Glass Optical

Johnny Stimson


Johnny is both an insanely talented musician and great friend, I've had the opportunity to create images for Johnny both in studio for a while now and during a trip to Brooklyn. The cover of his breakout single, So. Good, was captured in the WELD Dallas studio.