Blue Hill at Stone Barns


On our recent trip to New York

we had the opportunity to visit Stone Barns and dine at Blue Hill. The trip was in celebration of Kelsi and my 2nd Anniversary, and after watching the Chef Table's episode on Chef Dan, we knew we had to make a visit to the non-profit and restaurant. The entirety of Stone Barns is very inspiring - we wandered throughout the center: visiting the greenhouse, gardens, lambs, chickens and turkeys during the day while staff lead tours and short activities for visitors. I shot these images on the iPhone 7 Plus and was super impressed by the flexibility offered through the zoom lens which helped me capture some of the close-ups below.


The day ended with dinner at Blue Hill. Located on the Stone Barns property, Blue Hill purchases around 50% of what's produced at the barns and the two entities work together on various projects. This was a meal I don't think I will ever forget. We had somewhere between 20-30 courses ranging from fresh veggies from the farm to creative "foraging" projects that took us into the kitchen and had us sorting through a pile of hay at our table. The meal and entire experience gave me a deeper appreciation for local produce and farmers, and admiration for extreme quality this center produces. Chef Dan Barber has created an amazing atmosphere at Blue Hill if you ever have the oppurtunity to go, please do!


Four varieties of mushrooms gathered around Pocantico Hills

We got to take a look behind the curtain. Taken with the new portrait mode.

We got to take a look behind the curtain. Taken with the new portrait mode.