Sports Photography & the iPhone

I took my iPhone to a college football game to test out a theory. I wanted to see if I could shoot, edit and send out photos throughout an A&M game by only using my iPhone. Traditionally, sport photographers have multiple camera bodies and run back  to the press room during half time to upload their photos. While there were some difficulties that accompanied shooting this way, I have to say, it was a very liberating experience overall.

Texas A&M just completely redesigned their stadium. Part of that was working with IBM to implement fiber WIFI for over 100,000 people. When I heard that, I immediately thought of how I could combine the wifi with mobile photography. To capture the photos in this post, I used Moments Lens in addition to the iPhone. They have a great wide angle and 60mm lens. Everything in this post was shot on the iPhone6s Plus.

Right off the bat, I knew I was in for a challenge. The entire game happened after the sun went down. I ended up using a camera app called  "Manual" which helped me lock in the shutter speed and the iso I wanted to use. Shooting through the screen was amazing. I was disappointed because I wanted to try the burst mode, but I'll have to wait for a day game for that. 

I was super impressed with the iPhone's ability to stop motion and capture the frame. I did have a hard time focusing mainly because it was raining but also I would need to either time the shot really well or tap and shoot.

Overall, it was a fun experiment. Check out to see the images I shot and edited throughout the game by following #TAMUshotoniphone on twitter and Instagram. Also one of my favorite shots from the game :) 

Hope you enjoyed this post.

What do you think  - will the iPhone eventually replace DSLRs in sports photography? Let me know in the comments below!