Episode 1: New Mexico & The Great California Roadtrip of 1950

Dick talks about his time at Back in 1950 Richard and Mary Schnute took a roadtrip out West. They took Bob, Richards Schnute's brother, along with them. Listen in on the tales of them driving out to California through death valley and back through West Texas. 

Part 1: TRES PIEDRAS, Sangre de Cristo Mountains 

In the First Part of this Grandpa talks about his travels out to Tres Piedras, New Mexico and how Bob and he would deliver goods to the people out there. Along the way they get stuck in the car and are also carrying quite a carry of guns with them. Sounded like quite the adventure.


PART 2: Out to California

In the Summer of 2015, Doug drove up to Indianapolis to spend time with Dick and Mary. During that time he decided to record a few conversations. This episode focuses on Dick and Marys roadtrip out to the West back down through the locust infested west Texas out to. Here are two portraits of Mary and Dick below.