Apple World Gallery

After Apple launched their newly designed iPhone6 they reached out to photographers around the world to showcase photos they had taken on that iPhone. I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of those people. This shot of Kelsi here was posted on billboards around the world. Here are the images I collected from friends and family.

Glass Optical


Clint Wilkinson is a man with enough talent to appear intimidating yet friendly enough to be your best friend. The thoughtful owner of the custom (and highly regarded) leather company, Bell and Oak, understands a thing or two about slowing down and finishing the task at hand. So when you’re ready, we recommend you silence your phone, turn off your laptop, and sit in a peaceful corner in order to fully enjoy his words of wisdom below.

Story By: Kelsi Klembara 
Full Story: Glass Optical

Rwanda Children

Dallas Mavericks

A few weeks ago I got asked to photograph Chandler Parson of the Dallas Mavericks for BBVA. They were filming a commercial during the day and I was given a few moments to capture some portraits. Here is what I created.